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Offered services

Building the future together with innovative financing

The services offered by the CRIUS team

  • Elaboration of the necessary documentation to obtain financing.
  • Assistance in project implementation.
  • Assistance during the sustainability/monitoring period of the projects.
  • Specialized technical consultancy.
In terms of obtaining non-reimbursable financing, we offer complete and integrated services, such as:
  • we establish the project concept together with the beneficiary;
  • we identify the appropriate financing program, to which the client has the possibility to apply and obtain non-reimbursable European, governmental or other funds;
  • we pre-analyze the organization: eligibility, group structure, financial indicators, etc.;
  • we propose solutions to maximize the chances of success depending on the targeted financing program;
  • we prepare the feasibility study (where applicable), the business plan, the financial analysis, the cost-benefit analysis, the market and marketing studies, the financing request and the specific documentation, all these documents being attached in the form requested by the funder to obtain the non-refundable financing;
  • we develop certain technical studies where we have expertise, mainly energy, IT, automation, advanced agriculture and medical;
  • we provide assistance for the request and collection of documents (declarations, studies, authorizations, approvals, etc.) necessary for the project;
  • we provide assistance in the project evaluation process and in the contracting process;
  • we provide the necessary help to the beneficiary regarding the effective financing of the investment from banking or non-banking sources: carrying out the analysis and economic-financial forecasts/projections for obtaining bank loans for the financing of investments;
  • we offer advice on project management and implementation;
  • we offer assistance to the beneficiary in carrying out procurement procedures, both in drawing up the award/tender documentation and in the actual organization of the procedure;
  • we assist the beneficiary in the relationship with the evaluating/financing institutions (Intermediary Body, Management Authority, etc.) and coordinate the parties involved in the realization of the project;
  • we carry out payment requests/reimbursement requests (intermediate and/or final), being with the client until the actual receipt of funds;
  • we provide assistance during the sustainability/monitoring period of the project.