We have over 500 clients nationwide so far, over 1,200 projects in various phases: evaluation, contracting, successfully implemented or sustainability. The clients are mainly private companies, including multinationals, but also universities and public entities.

The beneficiaries of the projects carried out so far are part of a multitude of fields of activity, such as industrial production, construction, agriculture, animal husbandry, aquaculture, tourism, medical, energy, research, development, innovation, technology transfer projects, business incubators , investments in IT infrastructure (software + hardWare), industrial park, public authorities, others.

The average approval rate of submitted projects is over 90% , being one of the best in the country. We have a team of experts with 20 employees and over 10 collaborators of various professions and specializations: economists, lawyers, accounting experts, financial auditors, engineers, architects, IT specialists; in short, a team of professionals, with the guarantee of quality and long-term collaboration, with successful results, assumed by both parties, both in the private and public fields.

We emphasize quality and reliability, and constantly invest in increasing the team’s level of competence.

Through POS, POR, POC, POPAM, PNDR, EEA GRANTS or Startup Nation programs, we facilitated the financing projects for companies in fields such as construction, IT, manufacturing, medicine, electronics, automotive, agriculture, hotel industry, aquaculture and others, assisting clients from submitting the necessary documentation to obtaining funds, project management and implementation until the actual collection of the money and including during the sustainability period.

So far we have carried out projects for:

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