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Western Regional Program 2021-2027 Support for Micro-enterprises

Western Regional Program 2021-2027 Support for Micro-enterprises

Advisory guide

Micro-enterprises with their headquarters in the WEST Region can benefit from grants worth a maximum of 200,000 euros under the West Regional Program 2021-2027. The objective of the call for projects is to increase the competitiveness and productivity of micro-enterprises in the Western Region.

Call type

Competitive, with deadline submission


The financial allocation is 20 million euros

Amount of non-repayable financing

Minimum amount of aid: 30,000 euros

Maximum amount of aid: 60,000 euros

    • For applicants who obtained income from the relevant CAEN code lower than 30% of the turnover or those who did not obtain income from the relevant CAEN code in the year prior to submitting the financing application

Maximum amount of aid: 200,000 euros

    • For applicants who obtained income from the relevant CAEN code greater than or equal to 30% from the turnover recorded in the year prior to the submission of the financing application

The non-reimbursable financing requested through the project CANNOT exceed by more than four times the value of the turnover achieved in the financial year prior to the submission of the financing request.

Eligible beneficiaries

Some minimum conditions:

  • Micro-enterprises or cooperative societies
  • The registered office of the applicant is located in the Western Region and the project implementation location is in the urban environment of the Western Region or in the certified tourist resorts of the Western Region
  • The applicant has registered income from activities carried out on the eligible CAEN code for which he is applying for funding
  • The applicant does not fall into the category of enterprises in difficulty in the fiscal year prior to the submission of the financing application, i.e. the year 2022
  • The applicant recorded operating profit in the fiscal year prior to the submission of the funding request, namely the year 2022

Investments located in rural areas are not eligible, except for investments in certified tourist resorts in the Western Region.

Fundable investments

  • Investments in industrial construction type production premises
    • Investments in headquarters and administrative spaces are not financed
  • Endowment with tangible assets (technological equipment, machinery, work installations, furniture, computer equipment, office automation, specific installations/equipment for the purpose of achieving energy savings, as well as systems using renewable energy sources) and intangible assets (managerial, production processes, computer programs, use of IT and intellectual property: patents, licenses, trademarks)
  • Activities of expansion of the sales markets, the range of products and services offered, as well as participation in the main internationalization channels and platforms
  • Activities in the field the circular economy or new eligible green supply chain development activities

The project contains a sustainable development component, respectively proposes the purchase of specific installations/equipment in order to achieve an energy saving or systems that use renewable energy sources to improve the efficiency of the activities for which it requested funding, e.g.: charging stations, heat pumps, mini-wind turbines, air compressors , panels and/or photovoltaic systems, solar panels, sorting stations - waste recycling, etc., worth at least 5% of the total eligible value of the project.

Recommendation for applicants:

It is recommended that the project propose green purchases for at least 30% of the investment in equipment and facilities, and at least 20% of the construction materials used in the execution works to be Eco Label certified.