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Advisory guide


The specific objective of the program is to enable regions and citizens to cope with the social, employment, economic and environmental effects of the transition towards the Union's 2030 energy and climate targets and a climate-neutral Union economy by in 2050 under the Paris Agreement.

The type of call

Competitive, with a submission deadline.

Indicative financial allocation (EURO) per county:

Gorge: 49,306,293

Hunedoara: 38,601,700

Hunedoara ITI Valea Jiului: 9,650,423

Dolj: 36,446,155

Galați: 22,569,050

Prahova: 27,873,431

Mureș: 22,374,330

Minimum and maximum eligible/non-reimbursable value of a project:

  • 50,000 Euros – 300,000 Euros
  • The de minimis aid from the last 3 years at sole enterprise level is accumulated.
  • The intensity of the de minimis aid is 90% for all counties.

applicantsAND eligible

Micro-enterprises that meet the following conditions:

  • Date of establishment no later than 31.12.2022
  • Without temporarily suspended activity at any time in the year of submission of the funding request or in the previous fiscal year
  • Operating profit (>0 lei) in the fiscal year prior to the opening of the call
  • An average number of employees of at least 1 in the fiscal year preceding the opening of the call.

Eligible activities

Activities related to tangible assets:

  • the purchase of technological equipment, machines, work installations, furniture, IT equipment, of the nature of fixed means, except means of transport;
  • the purchase of specific installations/equipment for the purpose of implementing measures that contribute substantially to the environmental objectives, scored in the technical and financial evaluation, in percentage of maximum 10% of the total eligible value of the project;
  • works of construction, modernization, expansion of existing production/service provision premises, including related general utilities (water supply, sewerage, natural gas supply, heat agent, electricity, PSI).


  • Technological equipment, machinery, work installations, furniture, of the nature of fixed assets must be used at the project implementation location/area targeted by the call. The impossibility of demonstrating the running of economic activities in the area targeted by the appeal during the durability period of the investment through commercial contracts and/or achieved objectives will lead to the recovery of the previously mentioned consideration.
  • Modernization works can only be considered eligible to the extent that they involve substantial changes/improvements to the existing infrastructure.

Activities related to intangible assets:

  • patents, licenses, trademarks, computer programs, other rights and similar assets, used exclusively in the field of activity targeted by the project. Computer programs must be closely related to the object of the project.
  • eligible value of intangible assets cannot exceed 15% from the eligible value of the tangible assets that are the subject of the project.

Events organization activities (for the activity of production, commercialization and internationalization) and professional training courses (qualification, retraining, continuous training – further training or specialization, development of business management and technological skills for employees related to newly created jobs, in particular for obtaining green skills or skills in emerging fields and sectors identified for each individual call) .

Consulting activities for the preparation of project documentation (financing application and/or business plan) developed before signing the financing contract, for project management (eg: investment execution management or execution contract administration, procurement procedures, monitoring and reporting, preparation of requests reimbursement).

Design activities for the preparation of the documentation necessary to obtain the agreements, approvals and authorizations related to the investment objective. The technical-economic documentation must have been completed no more than two years prior to submitting the funding request.

Technical support activities of the designer during the implementation of the project, site managers authorized according to the legal provisions for checking the execution of construction and installation works.

Research, development, innovation activities in order to prototype and market new/innovative products.

Activities specific to certification / recertification products, services, processes, by an accredited certification body.

Certification / recertification of management systems of quality (ISO 9001), of the environment (ISO 14001)/ EMAS, of food safety (ISO 22000), of occupational health and safety (ISO 45001), of information security (ISO/IEC 27001), of energy (ISO 50001) , of quality for medical devices (ISO 13485), of IT services (ISO/IEC 20000), of social responsibility (SA 8000), simple or integrated.

Mandatory information and advertising activities related to the project according to project visibility requirements.


  • De minimis aid cannot be used for the purchase of motor vehicles and means of transport, except for class 2.3.6. Machinery and installations to transport and lift.
  • It is mandatory to keep the average number of employees at least at the level registered in 2023 throughout the evaluation, selection, contracting, implementation, sustainability period.
  • The minimum number of new jobs created through the project: 4 for 12 points, 3 for 9 points, 2 for 6 points, 1 for 3 points.