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MODERNIZATION FUND (FM) – Self-consumption

MODERNIZATION FUND (FM) – Self-consumption

Supporting investments in new production capacities of electricity produced from renewable sources for self-consumption
State aid - Ministry of Energy

Guide to public consultation

Eligible beneficiaries

  • SMEs (including start-ups)
  • Large enterprises
  • Autonomous kings


The total budget is 525,000,000 euros from the Modernization Fund

The amount of state aid requested per installed MW will fall within the following maximum ceilings:

    • Wind energy – 650,000 Euro/MW
    • Solar energy
      • capacities up to 1 MW (inclusive) – 750,000 Euro/MW
      • capacities over 1 MW (exclusive) – 425,000 Euro/MW
    • Hydro energy – 1,805,000 Euro/MW
    • Geothermal energy – 1,690,000 Euro/MW
    • Energy from biomass and biogas
      • capacities up to 1 MW (inclusive) – 3,383,000 Euro/MW
      • capacities over 1 MW (exclusive) – 1,692,000 Euro/MW

The maximum amount of state aid represents a maximum of 100% of the eligible expenses, but the tie-breaking criterion will be the lowest requested financial aid. The difference up to the total value of the project is covered by the beneficiary.

Type of investmentTia

The realization of new energy production capacities, where none existed until now.
Careful! Projects that are proposed to replace older capacity to produce energy from renewable sources are not eligible, nor are projects that did not foresee a self-consumption of at least 70% from the electricity produced by the newly installed capacity.

Eligible investments

    • The purchase of installations/equipment for the construction of new electricity production capacities from renewable sources of wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, biomass or biogas energy
    • Constructions that are the object of the project to produce electricity from renewable wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, biomass, or biogas energy sources.

Energy storage capacities are not financed!

Selection criteria

Amount of state aid requested for the project from eligible expenses/MW of production installed (max 100 points), scoring:

    • The lowest amount of state aid requested (Euro/MW) 100 pts
    • The highest amount of state aid requested (Euro/MW) 0 pt

To remember!

Self-consumption within the company or group of companies refers to energy produced and delivered locally, without transiting the transmission and distribution networks and representing mininum 70% from the production of the financed renewable plant.

The capacity to be installed from renewable sources during the annual usage period must not be less than 1138 kwh/year for solar energy, 2100 kwh/year for wind energy, and 5256 kwh/year for the other technologies.

The amount of state aid requested cannot exceed EUR 20 million per enterprise, per investment project, equivalent in lei at the InforEuro exchange rate of the month prior to the opening of the competitive bidding procedure.