Programme for the development of marketing activities for market products and services

Programme for the development of marketing activities for market products and services


300.000 lei is granted through the Programme for development of marketing activities of market products and services for old companies (founded until 31.12.2019) – launch June 2022

The main objective of the de minimis scheme is to support economic operators, companies and cooperatives by facilitating access to financing, in order to improve their economic and technical performance, aiming at adapting to the requirements determined by Romania’s status as a Member State of the European Union, by increasing the level of competitiveness, creating and maintaining jobs, digitalizing Romanian companies in the service and trade sectors as well as increasing their promotion and online trade capacities.

The budget allocated to the de minimis scheme for the 2022 budget year is 50.000.000 RON (about 170 beneficiaries).

 Minimum conditions:

    • The company has made a net profit on 31st December 2021
    • The company has an average number of at least 3 employees on 31st December 2021
    • At least 2 jobs created through the programme
    • Authorised activity of 24 months or more
    • Value of own contribution – minimum 25%.

The favoured CAEN codes are:

 4120 – Construction work on residential and non-residential buildings

4711 – Retail sale in non-specialized stores, with food, beverages and tobacco predominating

4673 – Wholesale of wood, building materials, plumbing and heating equipment

4690 – Non-specialized wholesale trade

4773 – Retail sale of pharmaceutical goods in specialized stores

6201 – Custom software development activities (client-oriented software)

4639 – Non-specialized Wholesale of Food, Beverage and Tobacco Products

4211 – Road and highway construction activities

4646 – Wholesale trade of pharmaceutical products

7112 – Engineering and related technical consultancy activities

5610 – Restaurants

7022 – Business and management consultancy activities

4511 – Sale of motor cars and light motor vehicles (under 3.5 tons)

4321 – Electrical installation work

4322 – Plumbing, heating and air conditioning installation work

4791 – Retail trade via mail order houses or the Internet

4719 – Retail sale in non-specialized stores, selling predominantly non-food products

4520 – Maintenance and Repair of Motor Vehicles

6820 – Renting and subletting of own or leased real estate

4669 – Wholesale of other machinery and equipment

5229 – Other supporting transport activities

4730 – Retail sale of automotive fuel in specialised stores

4649 – Wholesale of other household goods

4110 – Real Estate Development

7311 – Advertising agency activities

4531 – Wholesale trade of motor vehicle parts and accessories

To be noted: 

  1. Economic operators are not eligible for de minimis aid if their shareholders or associates are/have been associates or shareholders in another enterprise that have received non-reimbursable financial aid under Start-up Nation, Measure 2 – Working Capital Grants or the HoReCa scheme.
  2. Companies that had a large number of employees in 2021 have a good chance of obtaining the funding.