Growing the business through innovation

► specialized assistance;
► specialized technical advice during the project;
► growing the business through innovation;
► attracting public and private funds;
► technical services;
► technology transfer.


We emphasize quality, seriousness and always invest in increasing the level of competence of the team. We are always up to date with news in the field.

Innovation consultancy services

Financial analysis, cost benefit, market prospecting, feasibility studies, business consulting and other services necessary for the success of the project.

Support throughout the entire project development period, from the identification of financing solutions to the end of the monitoring period.

Technology transfer center

CRIUS contributed to the establishment of the Transylvania Technology Transfer Association (TTTC) to support customers in order to increase economic competitiveness, innovation and refurbishment. Through this center we facilitate partnerships between researchers and external partners. With a team of specialists, TTTC provides support in all stages of research: invention, development, patenting and then business development. We play an important role in accelerating the development of cutting-edge research by connecting partners with top researchers, resources and know-how.