200.000 EURO for HoReCa dedicated to companies in spas and health resorts

200.000 EURO for HoReCa dedicated to companies in spas and health resorts


Small and medium-sized companies operating in spas and seaside resorts could benefit from new grants worth €200,000 if the Programme proposed by the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism is approved in the upcoming period.

 With a number of approximately 2,500 potential beneficiaries, the de minimis scheme for economic operators operating in Romanian seaside and spa resorts has a total budget of €500 million and is scheduled to run until the end of 2023.

 Proposed minimum conditions:


    • small and medium-sized enterprises operating in spa and health resorts (enterprises registered with the ONRC, which have their registered headquarters or one of their working points and carry out the activity for which they apply for funding in the territory of the localities and areas provided for by Government Decision No 1.016/2011)

Maximum non-reimbursable aid: 200 000 euro

 Percentage of funding: 50%

Eligible CAEN codes proposed:

    • 5610, 5630, 5510, 5530, 5590, 5510, 8960, 9001, 9002, 9003, 9004, 9101, 9102, 9103, 9104, 9311, 9312, 9313, 9319, 7721, 9321, 9329
    • The CAEN code which will be used in applying must have been authorised at the time of application and at least one year beforehand

Eligible activities:

 a) the expansion and rehabilitation of tourist accommodation, public catering and spa treatment facilities, including the networks for capturing and transporting natural purifying factors that these companies own;

b) the construction, expansion and rehabilitation of cultural (outdoor amphitheatres, educational trails), sports (sports fields) and recreational (swimming pools with natural cleansing factors, water slide, summer toboggan, archery, bowling alley, adventure park for children and adults, riding centres, bicycle rental centres, scooters, ice rink, mini-golf course, carting track, summer/winter tubing, theme parks) in spas and health resorts;

c) the purchase of equipment, furniture and medical devices specific to spa treatments;

d) the training of HORECA staff. The following qualification/upgrading/specialisation programmes will be financed: hotel maid, hotel housekeeper/staykeeper, hotel receptionist, hotel reception manager, hotel manager, tourist guesthouse manager, cook’s assistant, cook, chef, specialist/vegetarian/dietician, waiter, restaurant manager, barman, restaurant manager, confectioner, pastry chef. A maximum of one training programme per employee can be funded under this scheme.


 Projects are submitted online.

Implementation period: maximum 18 months

Monitoring period: 2 years (starting from the year following the grant award)

Reimbursement mechanism: one instalment (reimbursement request)

Payments are made through the partner banks.